Navigating in the Workspace

Navigating in the Workspace

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Navigate in the Photoshop Workspace



As you work on images, very seldom are the images at 100% magnification. Moving throughout the image to paint and repair details is essential.


Step One

Open an image in Photoshop (File > Open).

Step Two

To zoom-in for a closer look, select the Zoom tool (z key) and click the image.

Step Three

Another way to zoom-in is to draw a marquee with the Zoom tool. The keyboard shortcut for zooming in is Cmd/+ (PC-Ctrl/+) (plus key).

Step Four

To zoom-out press the Opt (PC-Alt)key and click the image with the Zoom tool. The keyboard shortcut for zooming out is Cmd/- (PC-Ctrl/-) (minus key).

Step Five

Select the Hand tool (h key) and click and drag the image to move throughout the image. You can also access the Hand tool by pressing and holding the Spacebar.

Step Six

To view your image to full size (100%), double-click the Zoom tool.

Step Seven

Double-clicking the Hand tool makes the image Fit on Screen. You can also press Cmd/0 (PC-Ctrl/0).

Zoom Shortcuts

The Zoom-in tool is temporarily activated by holding Spacebar, then click and hold Cmd (PC-Spacebar, then click and hold Ctrl) and the Zoom-out shortcut is Spacebar, then click and hold Opt (PC-Spacebar, then click and hold Alt). Also note the shortcuts listed in Step Four and Step Seven. career skills