Painting a 3D Object

Painting a 3D Object

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Paint a 3D Object in Photoshop



Painting and adding color to a 3D object in Photoshop is quite easy. Whenever you create a 3D object, one or more diffuse maps are automatically added to the Layers panel. To access the map, simply click the Brush tool (b key)and start painting.

In this example we will add a soda can from the Mesh Presets and begin the painting process.


Step One

In Photoshop open a new blank document (File > New). Set the image size to 1,024 pixels by 1,024 pixels. Save the document as SodaCan.psd.

Step Two

In the Layers panel, click the Create a New Layer icon.

Step Three

Choose 3D > New Mesh from Layer > Mesh Preset > Soda to add a soda can to the layer.

Step Four

With the Rotate 3D Object icon selected, click and drag in the View box to move the camera so you can see both the top and front of the can.

Step Five

Click Soda in the 3D panel, then select the Brush tool (b key), set a new foreground color and start painting the front of the can.

Step Six

Paint a design on the top of the can.

Step Seven

Depending on where you paint, the color is applied to one of two diffuse maps. To see the label diffuse map, double-click the Label Material - Default Texture layer in the Layers panel.

Step Eight

The map is the same size as your document (1,024 x 1,024) and can be painted and edited as a normal Photoshop document. Also note that when you opened the diffuse map, it is identified as a .psb file in the image tab.

Step Nine

Once you are finished editing the map, you can return to the main document by clicking the SodaCan.psd tab. Your changes are automatically saved.

Layer Styles and Textures

Once you are in the diffuse map edit mode (Step Seven), you can add multiple layers and Layer Styles (i.e., Drop Shadow, Emboss, Stroke, etc.).


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