Photoshop 3D Basics

Photoshop 3D Basics

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Add 3D Objects in Photoshop



Creating 3D objects and scenes in Photoshop is a little different than most 3D software packages. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find it to be quite intuitive.

Each new object is created on its own layer. To create a scene, the objects are merged to a single layer and rendered.


Step One

Empty layers are used to add Preset Meshes.

Step Two

To create an extruded object, start with a Shape layer and convert it to a 3D object.

Step Three

Depth Map objects start with a grayscale map. The light areas are high and the dark areas are low.

Step Four

Once you are in the 3D mode, the camera movement is controlled with the 3D Mode icons and the View box.

Step Five

Object transformations are also controlled with the 3D Mode icons or the object controller handles or arrows.

Step Six

To combine multiple 3D objects into a single layer, select all the layers and choose 3D > Merge 3D Layers.

Step Seven

Whenever an object is created. it is automatically assigned one or multiple diffuse maps. The maps can be painted and edited as normal Photoshop documents.

Step Eight

There are two important 3D panels: 3D and Properties. The 3D panel displays all the Objects, Materials, Lights and Cameras. Once you make your selection in the 3D panel, the Properties panel changes to display additional information.

Step Nine

By clicking your object multiple times, the Properties panel toggles between the Materials and Mesh modes.

Step Ten

An object's extrusion is defined in the Mesh mode. You can position, rotate and scale an object in the Coordinates section.

Step Eleven

To assign an object a new texture, select the object and choose a new texture from the texture presets. Often times an object has multiple texture maps. The new material must be assigned to all maps in order to change the entire object color.

Step Twelve

To render your object or scene, choose 3D > Render.

Scaling the Object Control Handles

To scale the object Control Handles in Step Five, place your curser over the center Scale in All Directions box. Once the curser changes to a Y symbol, press and hold the Shift key and drag. The handles can now be scaled up or down.


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