Placing Text on an Irregular Surface

Placing Text on an Irregular Surface

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Add Text to an Irregular Surface in Photoshop



It is common in Photoshop composite text and other elements into a single image. Unfortunately, all objects are not flat, square boxes. In this example we will composite text on wood siding using the Displace filter. A link is included to the blue siding image or you can use an image of your choice.


Step One

Download the demo file by clicking the Download Image button below.

Download Image


Step Two

Open the image in Photoshop and choose Image > Duplicate. You should now have two versions of the image.

Step Three

With the duplicate image selected, let's covert it to a black and white image by choosing Image > Adjustments > Black and White. Adjust the settings if necessary to create a usable grayscale image.

Step Four

Choose File > Save As to save your grayscale image. Choose Photoshop for Format type.

Step Five

Returning to the original image, click the Text tool, set the options at the top of the window and add your text to the image.

Step Six

With the Text Layer active, right-click the layer and choose Rasterize Type.

Step Seven

Choose Filter > Distort > Displace. Set the Horizontal Scale and Vertical Scale to 8 and select Stretch to Fit and Repeat Edge Pixels. If you are using a different image you may find that your scale values will need to be adjusted.

Step Eight

Click OK, then navigate to your grayscale image and choose Open.

Step Nine

Set the Text layer Blending Mode to Linear Light, then adjust the layer Opacity to soften the effect.

How about Graphics, Images and Logos?

In addition to text, this technique also works with logos, images, shapes and graphics.

Fine Tuning the Text

Try adding a Layer Mask to the Text layer. By painting the mask with black, you can easily vary the opacity and distress the text.


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