Reshaping With Liquify

Reshaping With Liquify

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Reshape with Liquify in Photoshop



Liquify is handy when you need to make slight adjustments to an object's shape. For people, this can include noses, ears, eyes and bellies.

Keep in mind that in addition to people, the tool can be a lifesaver for small tweaks for just about any object.


Step One

Open an image in Photoshop (File > Open).

Step Two

In the Layers panel, select the Background layer and choose Cmd/j (PC - Ctrl/j) to duplicate the layer. We will be working on the duplicate layer so the original doesn't get ruined.

Step Three

With the top layer selected in the Layers panel, choose Filter > Liquify (Cmd/Shift/x (PC - Ctrl/Shift/x). The Liquify dialog box opens.

Step Four

You can use the Hand and Zoom tools to zoom and move around your image. The Photoshop Hand tool shortcut (Spacebar) and Zoom tool shortcuts (Cmd/+ or Cmd/- (PC - Ctrl/+ or Ctrl/-)) also work.

Step Five

In the upper right corner you can set the Brush Size and Brush Pressure. The Brush Pressure setting controls the brush sensitivity. The standard Adjust Brush Size shortcut also works ([ or ]).

Step Six

Set your Brush Size and choose a low Brush Pressure, then click the Forward Warp tool (w key).

Step Seven

As you click and drag in the workspace the image distorts based on the brush strokes.

Step Eight

To shrink an area, choose the Pucker tool (s key) and paint your image.

Step Nine

To enlarge an area, choose the Bloat tool (b key) and paint your image.

Step Ten

An easy way to reverse selective changes is paint with the Reconstruct tool (r key).

Step Eleven

The Push Left tool (o key) pushes the pixels left or right depending on whether you are moving the brush up or down.

Step Twelve

To remove all of your changes, click the Restore All button. Once you are finished, click OK to accept your changes.

Advance Options

The Advanced Mode gives you access to the Mask, Mesh and additional Brush control.


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