Rotating the View

Rotating the View

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Rotate the View in Photoshop



You may find yourself painting or sketching in Photoshop. For better brush control, you may want to rotate the canvas temporarily. The document still retains it's original rotation, the view is just temporarily rotated.


Step One

Open a new 500 pixel by 500 pixel Photoshop document (File > New).

Step Two

Select the Brush tool (b key) and set the Foreground color.

Step Three

Paint a series of lines in the image.

Step Four

To rotate the canvas, press and hold the r key, then drag the canvas to change the angle.

Step Five

Once you release the r key, you are returned to the Brush tool so you can continue your painting.

Step Six

To reset the canvas back to the original setting, press and hold the r key and click Reset View in the Tool options.

Where is the Rotate View Tool

The Rotate View tool is hidden in the Hand tool section in the Tool panel.

Reset View Shortcut

Another way to reset the rotated canvas is to press the Esc key.


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