Saving an Image for the Web

Saving an Image for the Web

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Save an Image for the Web in Photoshop



To effectively save your image for the web, it must be converted to a JPG and compressed to decrease the file size.


Step One

Open an image in Photoshop (File > Open).

Step Two

Duplicate your original image by choosing Image > Duplicate. Close your original image.

Step Three

Adjust the image size by selecting Image > Image Size. Set the Resolution to 72 ppi and enter values for Height and Width. These values are usually less than 1200.

Step Four

Choose File > Save for Web.

Step Five

Set the Format to JPG. Try the various Compression settings (High, Med, Low, etc) and note the file size and image quality.

Step Six

You could also select one of the JPG Presets to set the compression.

Step Seven

Click Save to name and save your file.

JPGs Without an Icon Image

Saving a JPG using this method does not create an icon image that displays with the file.


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