Saving Brushes and Libraries

Saving Brushes and Libraries

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Save Brushes and Brush Libraries in Photoshop



Within Photoshop there are a couple of ways to save Brush Libraries. The first method is to adjust the brush settings in the Brush panel, then save the brush as a Brush Preset. Using this method, most of the parameters in the Brush panel are saved with the brush.

A second and more compete method is to first create your brush, customize the settings in the Brush or Mixer Brush options bar at the top of the screen, set the brush color, then save it as a Tool Preset. The Tool Preset method saves everything the Brush Preset method does, plus the options bar and the brush colors.

In this example, we will demonstrate both methods.


Step One

Open a new 1,024 pixel x 1,024 pixel document with a white background in Photoshop (File > New).

Step Two

Click the Mixer Brush tool (b key), set a Foreground Color and open the Brush panel (Window > Brush).

Step Three

Also open the Brush Presets panel and choose a starting brush from the panel.

Step Four

Return to the Brush panel (Window > Brush) and choose Clear Brush Controls from the panel pull-down menu to remove any brush options. In this case, Texture was deselected.

Step Five

Click Shape Dynamics, Scattering and Texture to activate all three features.

Step Six

In the Mixer Brush tool options, change the Wet value to 49%.

Step Seven

Save your Brush Preset by clicking the Create New Brush icon or by choosing New Brush Preset from the Brush panel pull-down menu. Name your new brush preset in the dialog box.

Step Eight

The new brush can be found in the Brush Presets panel.

Step Nine

In the previous steps we save a Brush Preset. Now we will save a Mixer Brush Tool preset. Change the Wet value to 51%.

Step Ten

Open the Tool Presets panel by choosing Window > Tool Presets. Click the Create New Tool Preset icon at the bottom of the panel. Name your brush tool preset and make sure to click Include Color to have the brush remember the current brush color.

Step Eleven

A new brush is saved with all the brush parameters, options and color.

Step Twelve

To use a Brush Preset or Tool Preset, click the brush icon in the appropriate panel and start painting in the document.

Brushes and Mixer Brushes

This method works for both Brushes and Mixer Brushes.


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