Selecting a Color

Selecting a Color

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Select a Color in Photoshop



The current foreground and background colors in Photoshop are displayed at the bottom of the Tools palette. The default colors are black for foreground and white for the background.


Step One

To reset your colors to the default setting (black and white), click the Default Colors icon or press the d key.

Step Two

To swap the foreground and background colors, press the Switch Colors icon or press the x key.

Step Three

To change the foreground or background color, click the appropriate icon and the color picker appears.

Step Four

Clicking anywhere in the large color panel allows you to select a color.

Step Five

Clicking in the vertical color bar adjusts the hue.

Step Six

The lower portion of the sample box displays the starting color and the upper section is your new color. If you see an exclamation mark, click the box and your color is replaced by a value within the printable color range.

Step Seven

Your color is defined using several color models. The RGB model defines the color by assigning one of 256 values for each component (red, green and blue). Equal values of Red, Green and Blue makes white, black or a shade of gray.

Photoshop Color Pickers

Photoshop includes multiple color pickers. To change pickers, go to the Preferences General tab and select a different color picker.

Multiple Color Models

In addition to RGB, you can also specify your color with LAB, CMYK, HSB or Web (#xxxxxx) values.

Changing the Hue

In Step Five we used the vertical color bar to adjust the hue. You can also press and hold Cmd (PC - Ctrl) while dragging over the current H (hue) value to set a new hue.