Skipping the Dialog Boxes

Skipping the Dialog Boxes

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Avoid Dialog Boxes in Photoshop



Dialog boxes are helpful for entering names, changing options and customizing the box. There are several times when you want to just skip the options and accept the defaults. The trick to avoiding the dialog box is to press and hold the Option key or Alt key on a PC.


Step One

Open a new 500 pixel by 500 pixel Photoshop document (File > New).

Step Two

The document should have a single Background layer. Double-click the Background layer icon to convert the layer into a transparency layer.

Step Three

A dialog box appears. Press OK to accept the defaults and convert your layer.

Step Four

Now let's repeat the process and avoid the dialog box. Choose Layer > Flatten Image.

Step Five

Option (PC - Alt) double-click the Background layer icon. It is instantly converted to a transparency layer.

Try This with Other Shortcuts

Often times by adding Option (PC - Alt) to a common shortcut or icon click you can simplify your workflow.

For instance, you may want to add a Layer Mask. Clicking the Layer Mask icon creates a white mask. Option -clicking (PC - Alt-clicking) the Layer Mask icon creates a black mask.

Background to Transparency Method #3

Another way to convert a Background layer is to drag the small lock icon from the Background layer to the Trash icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.