Using Document Rulers

Using Document Rulers

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Use Rulers in Photoshop



Rulers have several uses in Photoshop. The are used to add Guides, determine object placement and display the current curser or tool location.


Step One

Open a new 500 pixel by 500 pixel Photoshop document (File > New).

Step Two

Display the Rulers by choosing View > Rulers.

Step Three

Drag a Guide from the horizontal ruler, then drag another Guide from the vertical ruler.

Step Four

Ruler units can be set by right clicking the ruler and choosing a unit of measurement.

Step Five

By default the Ruler's 0,0 point is the upper left corner of the document. To move it to a new location, click-drag the Ruler intersection point to a new location in the document.

Step Six

As you move the curser throughout the image, the rulers display the current position.

Ruler Preferences

You can also change the Ruler Preferences by opening the program's preferences panel. To open the Preferences panel, choose Photoshop > Preferences > Units & Rulers. For PC users, the preferences are in the Edit menu.


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