Using Paragraph and Character Styles

Using Paragraph and Character Styles

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Add Paragraph and Character Styles in Photoshop



Working on several design pieces with similar design and typography elements is greatly simplified with Paragraph and Character Styles. You can define styles for the various text blocks and also share the styles with other Photoshop documents. In this example we will define multiple character styles and paragraph styles and show how to share those styles between documents.


Step One

The first example shows how to create a Paragraph Style and apply it as you add a new text block. Open a new 1,000 pixel by 1,000 pixel Photoshop document.

Step Two

Open the Paragraph Styles panel (Window > Paragraph Styles). Click the Create New Paragraph Style icon at the bottom of the panel, then click the new style to select it.

Step Three

Select the text tool and click-drag to define a text block in the document.

Step Four

Choose Type > Paste Lorem Ipsum and the text block is filled with text. The text is now connected to the newly created Paragraph Style.

Step Five

Double-click the newly created Paragraph Style to open its dialog box. Change the Style Name to Ad Body and set the Font and Color. Once you are finished, Click OK. The text updates with your changes.

Step Six

This time we will create a text block and assign it a style after it is created. Deselect all layers and click the Basic Paragraph style in the Paragraph Styles panel.

Step Seven

Select the text tool and change the values in the Options panel at the top of the interface. Click-drag a new text block and fill it with text by choosing Type > Paste Lorem Ipsum. The new text should be different than the Ad Body style.

Step Eight

Click the new Type Layer, then click the Ad Body style button. Notice that there is a + symbol next to the Ad Body Style name. This means that the text has the Ad Body plus some modifications. Press the Clear Override icon to assign the Ad Body Style.

Step Nine

To modify the individual characters, we'll use the Character Styles Panel. Using the text tool, highlight one of the words in the lower paragraph and open the Character Styles panel (Window > Character Styles). Click the Create New Character Style icon.

Step Ten

Double-click the new Character Style name to open its options. Change the color and name, then press OK. The highlighted word is updated.

Step Eleven

Highlight another word, then click the new character style to change its appearance.

Step Twelve

Once the Styles have been assigned to the various blocks of text in your Photoshop document, you can quickly make one change and all the text is updated throughout the document. This is particularly helpful while trying different fonts and styles.

Step Thirteen

Save your Photoshop document and name it Style Template. Open a new 1,000 pixel by 1,000 pixel Photoshop file, then open the Paragraph Styles panel (Window > Paragraph Styles). Notice that the styles from your last document are missing.

Step Fourteen

To import the styles, open the Paragraph Styles pull-down menu and choose Load Paragraph Styles. Navigate to your original psd file and click Open. Repeat the process for the Character Styles pull-down menu and choose Load Character Styles. The new document now contains the styles from your template file.

What's with the +

You may see a + mark next to a style (as in Step Eight). It means that the style has been modified from its original state. If you press the check icon (Redefine Paragraph Style by Merging Overrides) at the bottom of the panel, the changes are applied. By pressing the Clear Overrides icon, the changes are discarded.


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