Web Gallery

Web Gallery

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Create a Web Gallery in Photoshop



The Web Gallery allows you to quickly share images with your clients and friends. It essentially builds a mini website from a folder of images.

The images are resized, converted to jpg and connected with navigation.


Step One

Place your web images in a folder on your hard drive.

Step Two

In Photoshop choose File > Browse in Bridge.

Step Three

Choose Output from the several layout options.

Step Four

Click the Web Gallery icon in the Output panel.

Step Five

Use the Favorites or Folders panel to navigate to your folder with your gallery images. The images should display in the Content panel.

Step Six

Click the first image, then Shift select the last image to select all of the images.

Step Seven

There are several pre-packaged templates included with Web Gallery. In this example we will use the Standard template.

Step Eight

Based on the template you choose, you can select one of the styles from the menu. At any point in the design process, you can click the Preview in Browser button to view your gallery in a web browser.

Step Nine

Open the Site Info section to set the Gallery Title, Gallery Caption, Name and E-mail Address.

Step Ten

In the Color Palette section you can customize the gallery colors

Step Eleven

Open the Appearance section to show the file names and adjust the slideshow parameters.

Step Twelve

Click the Create Gallery triangle to set the folder name and location for your new gallery.

Step Thirteen

Once the options are set, clikc the Save button.

Step Fourteen

Your gallery can be found in the folder your specified in the Create Gallery section. The folder includes several files. Open the index.html page in a web browser to see your gallery.

File Names Are Helpful

In Step Eleven you have the option to include the file names in your gallery. Activate this feature if you are creating a gallery for a client and you need feedback on specific images.